Arrival and Departure

Here at Heritage Lodge, we have tried our best to make sure our guests feel comfortable during the entirety of their stay, especially with COVID-19 regulations now in place.

We have fitted a key box (this remains empty until guests are due to stay).  This helps us to limit any contact between ourselves and our guests.  Full details will be sent to the person who made the booking on the morning of your arrival date.

Hand sanitiser, hand wipes, and flash wipes are all available on the sideboard in the entrance hall. 

The WiFi password and other information is all available on laminated sheets on the sideboard in the entrance hall. 

In the kitchen, the dishwasher will be filled with enough plates, bowls, and cutlery for the number of guests booked to stay. These will all be washed and left ready for you to use. 

Any crates, stairgates, food and water bowl, blankets/throws, and 'I'm on holiday!' tags requested for your pet(s) are in the sunroom just outside the kitchen door. 

All of the tv remote controls are sealed in plastic bags. Feel free to remove them from the bags, but ensure they are wiped down and returned to the bags when you are ready to leave. 

All of the bedrooms have towels and a bag of toiletries for you to use. There is also a laundry bag in each room. 

On your day of departure, please strip the beds and put the bedding into the laundry bags. 

There are all two similar bags labelled for towels. Please use one bag for white towels and tea towels, and one bag for dark/coloured towels.

Please leave all of these bags in the hallway by the sideboard. 

If the hot tub is requested it will be ready for you to use. Please make sure that all the clips on the cover are unlocked before you try to remove the cover. 

When you are finished with the hot tub, please ensure all clips are locked again as this will allow the hot tub to retain the heat.

On your day of departure, please ensure all the windows and doors are closed and locked, all the lights are switched off, and if you are able to, please switch the hot tub off at the wall. (There is a red switch box on the wall in the corner of the garden). 

If you could also put all waste in to the correct bins ie- cans / bottles / cardboard / general waste / nappies and dog poo That would be appreciated. 

We realise that there is a lot of information here, but by doing what you can to help us, it means that we can all do our bit to keep everyone safe, and Heritage Lodge open for guests.

If for any reason you need some flexibility on check in/out times, please ask.  We will try to help where we are able to.


To book, please go to


  • Pet Friendly - We accommodate up to three dogs
  • Sleeps ten
  • Hot tub with gazebo for seven


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We stopped here on our way to Liverpool from the States. The Heritage Lodge was the perfect stop over, with amazingly comfortable beds, a relaxing jacuzzi and enough room for the whole extended family ...

Beth Coleman
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